Full House is Even More Heartwarming in Acapella

When I look back now, everything in Full House land was not quite right.
Like did Joey seriously live in that basement for that long?! Why didn’t Becky insist that her ROCKSTAR husband and their family move out of the attic? I mean, she was a morning show host. I don’t think Meredith Viera is huddled up in some attic right now because the Olsens guilt-tripped her into staying up there for the sake of family.

But even knowing that the Tanners needed some major, major family therapy (and a few lessons in kindness. Really Danny? Kimmy was like 13 and you were harassing her), I still love the show. This video is for all the Tanner fans out there who are still craving a little predictability, a milkman and some evening TV.

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