Jessica Simpson Sells Pregnancy Announcement for $500,000

Are you between film projects? Still recovering from your last tour? Does your new NBC reality competition Fashion Star have yet to set a premiere date? If so, here’s how to make a quick buck as a celebrity: Get pregnant. Hide your pregnancy. And sell the announcement for half a million dollars.
Okay, we know it wasn’t strategically planned that way—we really do want to love you forever, Jessica—but it kinda seems like it.
It was obvious that Jessica Simpson was already pregnant with former NFL player/fiancé’s baby—public appearances and paparazzi photos with big sweaters and handbags cleverly held in front of her stomach gave off the hint that she had something to hide. But she wouldn’t confirm anything until she secured a weekly magazine deal of $500,000 to officially make the announcement.
So who’s the lucky tabloid that paid her asking price? OK! magazine, who published the cover headline “Yes I’m Having a Baby!” to accompany the incredibly insightful article.
Cashing in on the kid before birth? We know that pregnancy announcements to the public are just part of how Hollywood works, but we usually don’t (want to) hear about the price tag. It’s supposed to be all hidden behind the red curtain. Do we care how much Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon scored for their 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters and the twins last night? No, we just wanted to watch it while home on a Friday night. After the all-new episodes of Say Yes to the Dress.
Well, it’s not over: Jessica’s looking to sell the eventual baby photos—once the baby’s actually born (what, no sonogram deal up for grabs?). Seriously, that kid has already made more money before breathing than I have made to date!

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