Body Blog: The Gym? There's An App For That

Do you ever wonder how much you’re really improving every time you head out for a run or go to the gym? Or maybe you’re trying to make fitness a bigger priority, but have trouble designing workouts and keeping track of your progress? Luckily, in our time of internet and smartphones, there’s an app for that.
Check out this list of fitness websites and apps that will help you keep track of workouts and nutrition, and inject a little social media flavor into your exercise routine.
1. Fitocracy
The idea behind this brand new website is to turn fitness into a game. Using Fitocracy, you can record workouts, including everything from running to weightlifting to classes like yoga and Pilates. You earn points for each workout, and advance through different levels. Every so often, reaching a new level unlocks a challenge, which could earn you major bonus points. And it’s a competition – you’ll be able to see how you measure up to all Fitocracy users, or people of your gender, age or area. You can also connect with friends, to compete against them and form groups. Visit the Fitocracy website to request an invite.
2. Nike+
This running-focused website will help you analyze your runs like you never have before. You will need to buy some Nike+ gear to record data as you run, but you can also make use of some gadgets that you may already have, like an iPhone, iPod touch or iPod nano. You can use these devices to run Nike+ apps that will give you GPS coordinates and details such as how fast you’re going and how long you’ve been running. Once your run is over, you can download all this information onto Nike+ and compare runs, set goals and choose training programs. You can also connect with Facebook, so your friends can cheer you on as you run.
3. DailyBurn
This website and its wide range of accompanying apps will help you keep detailed records of your workouts and nutrition. DailyBurn will also give you thorough progress reports, and help you set up training programs. You can download apps that will make it easy to record your meals and workouts on the go – there’s even an app that will record all the nutritional data of the food you’re eating, and all you have to do is scan the bar code. Constant fitness advice from professionals is available on the DailyBurn blog, and you can encourage and challenge your friends to get fit together.
This game doesn’t quite exist yet, but having earned $72,627 of its $12,500 goal on Kickstarter, it’s safe to say that this is a fun idea that’s going places – literally. Like Fitocracy, ZOMBIES, RUN! aims to turn fitness into a game, but think more Angry Birds than King of the Gym. ZOMBIES, RUN! will immerse you in an audio zombie apocalypse environment, and when you go out on a run in the real world, you will be collecting ammo, medicine, and other tools to help you survive. The game will also record stats such as calories burned, time, pace, and distance, to help you track your real world runs while you destroy zombies.

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