A Few Signs We're Really Into You

Unfortunately, when it comes to girls there is no “She’s Just Not That Into You” book to prepare you for the art of the pick-up. The first impression can make or break you, and you certainly don’t want to embarrass yourself (or, worse yet, bruise that fragile male ego) by going after a girl who just isn’t interested. Don’t push too hard for a girl unless you are sure she wants it, and take it from me — if a woman likes you, you’ll know it.
Here’s how to tell:
1. We sneak a peak at you whenever possible. Most of us ladies don’t want to make it too obvious, so we’ll secretly stare at you. Whether it be from behind a computer in the library or from behind a book in class. Chances are, if we dig you, we’ll be trying to catch a glimpse of all you have to offer. If you just so happen to catch us, we’ll turn away as quickly as you can say 1-2-3.
2. We “bump” into you on the dance floor. We’ll take note of where you are dancing and slowly relocate our group closer to yours. Then, we just might drop it down low (low low low) and “accidentally” bump into you, just to catch your attention.
3. We are very interested in hearing you about talk about you. We love eavesdropping in your conversations and listening to what you have to say — especially when you are talking about yourself. Telling your buddy about the touchdown you scored at your football game on Friday? We can’t get enough! If you are standing next to us at the bar, we might even join in the conversation!
4. We laugh at your jokes. Even if they aren’t funny. Let me be the first to tell you, nine times out of ten, you aren’t funny — even when you try. But if we like you, we will still belt out a laugh for you — even when everyone else around remains silent.
5. We compliment you. While we won’t come out and say we’re into you, we give subtle hints by throwing compliments your way. Compliments like “nice shirt,” or “hey, you look great in green,” mean we think you look good. But when we lean in with an “Omigoddd, you smell so good! What are you wearing?” that means we want to get closer to you.
If we do two or more of these, we are definitely diggin’ you, so if you’re diggin’ us too, come make conversation! We’ve been waiting!

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