Battle of the Tweet Queens

Our Most Influential Women poll (umm…have you voted yet?) has been causing quite a bit of controversy among our readers. We specifically noticed quite a bit of heated commentary when it came to deciding the most influential lady on Twitter. A few of you couldn’t figure out why Shakira was on the list (umm…almost 9.6 million followers!), while others were staunch in their decision to hand Lady Gaga the win. Don’t get us wrong, we won’t debate Gaga’s fierceness — seriously, we’re not looking to take a stiletto to the head — but take a moment and peep our other nominees one last time…

Y’all, have you heard!? Brit Brit’s got a billion Vevo views. But really, we know it’s just her 10.5 million twitter followers who keep watching her videos on repeat.

So she’s Twitter biffs with the White House. No big.

We would just like to point out that she tweeted one word and it got over 100 retweets. One word.

If Rob wins Dancing With the Stars, we know it won’t be because of his slick dance moves. Behold the power of the Kardashian tweet!

Since she tweeted this on September 28, Gaga’s now up to almost 15 million followers.

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