Throwdown of the Lady Bloggers

Who says girls shouldn’t fight? When it comes to the female bloggers we rounded up for our Most Influential Women poll, our list of nominees is about as fierce as it gets. Whether you read their posts religiously, or roll your eyes at their “real” lives (are we the only ones who think it’s all too good to be true?), there’s no denying the title of Most Influential Blogger is something to get scrappy over.

Bring out your claws freshly manicured nails and be prepared to state your case over which of these lady bloggers most deserves the crown.

Leandra Medine might repel the men, but readers flock to her blog, Man Repeller,  for fashion tips on the reg. Where else can you score an invite to the hottest arm parties on the Internet?

Lena Chen, aka Ch!cktionary, says her blog is “about all things feminist, queer and otherwise radical.” We just know she’s pretty freakin’ awesome. I think her hoards of readers would agree with us, too.

Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere makes bajillions (actual scientific number) of readers fall in love with her aesthetic every day. From cute at-home projects, to delish recipes and a heap of style, we all pretty much just want her life.

Martini Severin finds the most fashionable urbanites and features them on her blog, Beyond Boston Chic. “Street Style” might be a new term to you, but she’s been all over it since 2008.

Do we even need to tell you the name of Arianna Huffington’s blog?

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