Baggin' Out: ASOS Leather Panelled Bucket Bag

I think unoriginality in naming products may be trendy this season, since every single one of my picks is lacking a fun nickname! ASOS decided not to rock the boat and, thankfully I suppose, put all their creative juices into churning out one of the most eye-catching bags I’ve seen lately.

The Leather Panelled Bucket Bag (henceforth known as “the bag”) is made of 100% leather (duh) in gorgeous shades of camel and chocolate, as well as an unexpected teal suede. The mixture of the neutrals with the teal is just divine and is probably my favorite thing about this purse. It’s so bright but doesn’t overwhelm the bag or make it so you have to carefully match your outfit to it. The teal suede will serve as a nice pop of color during cold winter months, too. The contrast stitching of chocolate thread on camel leather is subtle but really gives a retro feel and seems well-thought-out.
Unfortunately, exact measurements for this baby weren’t available, but I think you can get a good sense of the size from the picture with the model below. The top is open, but there is a fancy pocket on the front that closes securely to keep your cell safe. The buckle strap actually works, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting into that pocket. The long, yet adjustable shoulder strap is perfect for toting around all your essentials and easy to sling on between classes. A hands free option is always nice when it comes to purses.

I love this purse and think it would work beautifully in most collections. The colors and very “fall”, but the pop of teal makes it unique and interesting. If you’re looking to pick it up, head on over to ASOS where it’s available for about $135 – pretty darn good for real leather!

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