The Best Halloween Candy Ever! [Photos]

There are too many reasons to love Halloween. For one, you get to dress up like an absolute idiot — or a slut, whichever you choose — and no one judges you. Although, if you’re dressing like a slut, you might be fair game for some judgment but that’s a totally different issue. Not into dressing up? Wear all black and you’re still a goblin in disguise! You really can’t go wrong on Halloween. But, what I really love about this awesome holiday is ALL THE FREE CANDY YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON. (I mean, it was totally way more acceptable to go door-to-door begging for candy when I was five but…whatever.)
Woo hoo!
Have a favorite candy you only feast on once a year? Break the chains of your super strict diet on the night of the living dead?
Well, well, well, do I have some torture for you! Feast your eyes (since you can’t feed your stomachs) on the best of the best from the trick-or-treat bowls.

Sexy Time: Low Libido
Sexy Time: Low Libido
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