Budget Stylista: Chiffon Romance

This season it’s all about channeling our inner Lillian Gish in beautiful, enchanting chiffon. Designers alike have been contrasting this sheer trend with 70s inspired flares, or even masculine and military-inspired jackets. Chiffon softens a statement trend (like minimalism or menswear) without going overboard like fellow effeminate trend, lace. Below are three looks that combine the best of chiffon, all for $30.00 or less!

The Chiffon Pant

Pants: $19.80, Forever 21.  Blouse: $7.47, Old Navy.  Blazer: $27.80, Forever 21

Don’t be alarmed friends: chiffon pants are fabulous, flowly, elegant and flattering. Wear a structured blouse tucked in and a solid-colored blazer to bring definition to your breezy outfit. Also, sport textured shoes like these flats for more edge and contrast, and you’re chiffon-chic!

The Classic Blouse

Blouse: $19.99, JC Penny. Jeans: $ 22.80, Forever 21. Booties: $30.00, Charlotte Russe

Chiffon blouses are always en vogue. No matter the print, color or style of the blouse. This season the secretary bow, circa the 80s, is getting a big revival and has never looked better than in chiffon. Pair that blouse with 70s flares and booties and you have a tres chic ensemble!

This Summer’s Favorite: The Chiffon Maxi Skirt, Remix

Skirt:  $27.80, Forever 21.  Sweater: $29.95, H&M. Wedges: $26.80, Forever 21.  Necklace: $22.00, Etsy

This next outfit will give your bank account a break because we are re-working and recycling a summer favorite. Pair your chiffon maxi skirt with a chunky knit and wedge to create a romantic fall look that doesn’t make you leave your closet. Accessorize with a piece of statement jewelry like a fall-toned necklace and you’re good to go. These pieces are what every stylista has in her closet from seasons-passed.

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