Shows You Weren’t Allowed To Watch Growing Up

Looking back at old TV shows, I can’t help but wonder how some kids shows were able to air. Obviously as young ones, we didn’t catch on to crude humor. Half the shows we watched growing up would never make it to the screen today on a kids channel. Sure Family Guy and South Park are mature cartoons, but they’re also on mature channels and at hours when kids are generally asleep.

I have really cool parents so there weren’t a lot of banned shows in my household, but there were a few. Now I certainly remember sneaking downstairs after I was put to bed to watch shows that I wasn’t allowed to. And going to my friend’s house with parents who let her watch whatever she wanted. Beavis and Butthead made it back on air this week, which I definitely wasn’t allowed to watch as a kid. It got me thinking about all of those other shows that were on the parental control list.

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