WTF Friday: What is Wrong With This World [Photos]

If your job doesn’t revolve around finding things on the Internet, then you probably think it’s a pretty friendly place. Sure you’ll occasionally¬† get an NFSW photo sent to you at a really bad time (Hello Grandma, that is not my friend’s penis coming up your computer, nope, not at all.). And yes, sometimes you’ll see an offensive Facebook status pop up on your newsfeed. But for the most part, you think the interwebs are a wonderful place to find hidden treasures, hilarious photos and the next Rebecca Black.
However if you work on the web, then you know it’s a dangerous place full of horrific images that have you constantly just saying WTF over and over again until it’s the only thought that’s ever in your head.
Want to get a little peek at what we see everyday?! Check it out below.

Nature's Best Birth Control [Photos]
Nature's Best Birth Control [Photos]
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