One Month Challenge: Apple-Pumpkin Fever, Week Four

Oh, thank you sweet baby Jesus.

It. Is. Over.

I never have to look at another pumpkin if I don’t want to. Or an apple.

This week might have been the hardest. I’m totally eating my own words when I say this but it is not okay to eat pumpkin and apple combinations every day for one month. That is 30 days of the same thing. What the hell was I thinking?

Yesterday I broke down (again) and had another pumpkin spice latte. I am so tired of those damn things. First of all… a small was 4 dollars. Four dollars? That’s about half of what it’s going to cost me to get wasted and make bad choices at happy hour tonight.

So why do I keep buying them? Because it’s quick and easy and, c’mon lets be honest, who doesn’t love carrying around a Starbucks cup? Especially in the chilly fall weather. I’m such a sucker for stereotypical things (like when the weather outside is frightful, I really do think that the fire is so delightful).

Here is the rundown on my long as hell week. I kept it real with pumpkin coffee in the morning. I have a Keriug and I stocked up on the pumpkin flavored K-cups. The only downside to drinking pumpkin coffee in the morning is that it’s really not good for pairing with other foods. Like, oh say, eggs. Who wants to devour a western omelet while slurping down pumpkin-flavored coffee? Or what about yogurt? Nobody is really chomping at the bit for Greek yogurt and pumpkin coffee. Ugh, gag me. But while my breakfast options are slim pickins’ these days, at least I’m finding the time for pumpkin in my daily diet.

During any season of the year, I really like yogurt and granola. This time of year though, I really like using apples and bananas to mix up the taste a little. So there you have it, this is how I am surviving the terms of this challenge. Pumpkin coffee for breakfast and then a little later on I munch on yogurt, granola and apples and bananas. I cut up the fruits and mix them with plain yogurt (I think they taste okay with vanilla yogurt too, but lately I’m on a plain Greek yogurt kick. Go probiotics!), then to top it all off I just use some granola. It’s crunchy, creamy and sweet.

My insides feel like Israeli-Pakistani conflict muffins after I eat apples (not like you want to hear about that) so I don’t really munch on apples a lot.  But let me tell you what makes my belly feel like pumpkin pickin’ heaven: Pumpkin muffins with icing. Good lawd! You can get the recipe similar to the one that I like to follow here. Make substitutions where they’re possible to make this more of a skinny-snack. They’re so good and they’re just dripping in ooey-gooey goodness.

But what have I learned?

Aside from my jeans being a bit snug around my waist and my chin looking more and more like a turkey’s gobbler… uh, not too much.  I’m lucky enough to use my home kitchen (okay, my parent’s kitchen. Whatever.) so that I can experiment with pumpkin and apple outside of just using them as baking ingredients. I tried pumpkin ravioli (find a recipe like the one I used here) and it was delicious. It hit my taste buds in all the right places but it was definitely a pain in the butt to prepare the dish. If you’re working on a college budget, select specialty stores might sell prepackaged pumpkin raviolis and if that’s the case, buy two! They’re super tasty.

Getting back to what I learned… if you don’t have the freedom to use a fully-stocked kitchen, then working beyond baking with apples and pumpkins is difficult. I don’t love apple pie or even baked apples that much so I was ready to leave that behind after the first three days of this challenge.

Most importantly, I didn’t turn orange. Woo hoo for me! I thought I was going to start having those nightmares turned real where I was one of the Sunny-D drinkers (you know, who’s skin turned orange and they had to just wait it out until their skin color righted itself) but thankfully my super savvy ninja-like skills kept me from life as a Oompa Loopa.

Because I’m pretending to be your older worldly sister here, let me give you some real-world advice. No matter how much of a ‘good’ idea you think you have by suggesting to eat pumpkin and apple for the next 30 days of your life. Just say no. Say no and walk away. And if you’re tempted to turn around and give in… say no and run away.

Run, run, run.

Until you are safe in your bed, hiding under your pumpkin themed flannel sheets.

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