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VICE Covers Full-Figured Fashion Week


Full-Figured Fashion Week? I didn’t know it existed either, but good thing! VICE is running an eight-episode series called Fashion Week Internationale that will “document the most implausible and outrageous fashion weeks around that world, that you’ve probably never heard of.” Well, honestly I don’t think Full-Figured Fashion week is implausible or outrageous. It’s pretty great, actually. But in the eyes of the fashion world, it’s definitely unheard of.

In a world of sizes 0 and 2, it’s awesome to see full-figured ladies taking the runway in designer creations. After watching the episode, I noticed they walk with more confidence than the skinniest of models. I’ve been to and been in several shows, and I have never seen girls strut quite like the women in this VICE piece.

All women should feel beautiful, and it’s awesome to see the fashion world taking a step in the right direction. However, I’d really like to see a show that includes women of all sizes just like everyone else. It’s so inspiring that these women have taken it upon themselves to create their own fashion week, and hopefully it will draw some much needed attention to the cause.

What do you think about Full-Figured Fashion Week?