Body Blog: Such a Tease

I have a million favorite moves, but the ULTIMATE ab move has to be the “teaser” or “V-sit”. I feel like you can graduate from 6-pack university if you can successfully complete this move. I mean, after all that partying studying this weekend, there’s really nothing better to do!
Here’s the teaser move, with an extra twist to it. Try it out while waiting for How I Met Your Mother commercials to pass (if you’re not partying studying tonight, the slutty pumpkin character is revealed)!
1. Teaser
Begin laying flat on your back, with your hands extended behind your head. Using your core muscles to pull yourself up, bring yourself into a seated “V” position. Keep your back straight, legs extended all the way and arms straight in front of your chest.
Now, imagine there is a rope in front of you. Climb that rope all the way down while keeping your feet in the air. Slowly lower your legs down to your initial position. Remember to tuck your belly button into your spine as you perform this move. Repeat!

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