Oops, Celebs Did It Again

You would think that with all the resources celebs have at their fingertips, they could avoid making mistakes that make them look stupid. Well, I guess celebrities don’t think to utilize those resources because they are too busy tweeting or reading movie scripts. So when celebs make mistakes, I guess they just need a good PR team (but sometimes that isn’t even possible, see below).
Here are some of the biggest mistakes could have avoided if they would have just used Google or hired an investigator, or done SOMETHING, anything at all.
5. Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend was not very good with money
We all remember when Anne seemed so happy with Raffaello Follieri. Then they broke up because he allegedly committed fraud and scammed some people out of millions of dollars.
4. One of Kris Humphries wedding guest scammed him (No, not Kim)
One of his wedding guests was allegedly ┬áraising money for a billion-dollar hedge fund, BUT the fund didn’t even exist. Kris supposedly invested a lot of money into this fake fund, and now he’s out tons of money and a wife.
3. Winona Ryder gets caught shoplifting
I still don’t understand this. She is a celebrity. I’m sure she could have afforded some of the stuff she stole. Maybe she just loves the rush of stealing from department stores.
2. Matthew McConaughey gets arrested for playing bongos while naked
I’m including this one because I feel like the only mistake made was that I wasn’t there to see this happen.
1. Hilary Swank Does This

Candy Dish: Knocked Up
Candy Dish: Knocked Up
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