60 Photos of Halloween Debauchery in NYC [Photos]

If there’s one thing New York City really excels at, it’s everything Halloween. You think our residents are colorful regularly…just give them an excuse to don the spookiest, sluttiest, most creative ensembles imaginable! And you best believe everyone gets in the holiday spirit. Heck, even the crazy man who wanders through Hell’s Kitchen mumbling profanities to himself knew enough to toss on some orange and black flair.
Since we’re based out of the greatest city in the world, we get to experience a proper NYC Halloween firsthand. But for all of you who weren’t in town to watch the drunk sexy kittens and wasted zombies stumble down the streets of lower Manhattan, fear not. Naturally CollegeCandy had a street spy on the scene snapping pictures just for you. Take a peek!

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