Childhood Movies to Watch Again and Again

Isn’t it more fun to talk about holidays after we’ve already celebrated them?
I think so.
Halloween makes us old folk nostalgic for lots of things, like the days where we could roam the streets going door-to-door begging strangers for our favorite kinds of candy wearing strange costumes emulating our favorite TV and movie characters. Yah, Scooby and Shaggy!
Ah, youth: the glory days.
This year I wish I could’ve still begged my neighbors for candy (on Halloween and any old occasion) because I’m sure one of them had an awesome supply hidden in their closet. Unfortunately, the closest I got to some free candy was the creep in the cell next to me offering me his ‘almond joy’. Uh, no thanks.
More important than my candy fixation, Halloween marked the beginning of month long movie-thons. Since you just lived through ABC Family’s 31 days of Halloween tribute, you know all about our favorite Halloween-y flicks!
This month as you’re scanning your TV guide, waiting for the 25 days of Christmas to begin, don’t just scan through your DVR and rewatch all those Halloween-y films! Mix and match them with some of our favorite old school movies in general, and it’s gonna be one awesome night alone on the couch!
Need some recommendations? We’ve outlined nine of our favorite throwback movies; they don’t make them much better than this!

Oops, Celebs Did It Again
Oops, Celebs Did It Again
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