5 Reasons You Should Intern For CollegeCandy This Spring

Internships aren’t always fun. Way too many resemble Anne Hathway’s job in Devil Wears Prada. But if you’re looking for an editorial internship you actually like, where you can write about whatever you want, talk freely with your bosses and do it all from your bed, then you have to intern at CollegeCandy this spring!
1. You Can Write About Whatever You Want. Literally. Want to write about how much you hate sweatpants? Scary sex toys? Celebrities you hate? You got it dude.
2. You can telecommute. Do you go to school in the middle of nowhere? Or just not NYC? This semester CC took me on despite my living in Boston. Did I get to take tequila shots in the office? Not quite but I still felt like I did, and that’s all that matters.
3. You’ll Like Your Editors. everyone you work with is hysterical and genuinely wants to get to know you. You went binge drinking? They want to know about it. And then they’ll story top you because they’re a lot cooler and funnier than you. You won’t even be mad about it.
4. The Internship Leads to Great Opportunities. CollegeCandy is an amazing internship as is. As an editorial intern I can actually watch my writing skills progress. Your articles are also published on an extremely popular website and are likely to get reposted on sites like the Huffington Post.
5. You Don’t Stop Laughing. Even when WordPress really pisses you off, you’re always laughing. Whether you’re just talking with your editors or reading a fellow intern’s post.
Need 5 more reasons? Check them out here! Ready to make the jump and apply? CLICK HERE!
And if you’re interested in pursuing an internship in social media and marketing, don’t worry…we’ve got you covered there, too! Apply for our social media and marketing internship here.

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