Baggin' Out: Miss Selfridge Tan Zig Zag Pumpkin Leather Bag

I must be feeling very British this week; another post from across the pond! Miss Selfridge is another “high-street” shop that sells fashionable pieces for reasonable prices. I’m on the lookout for a fall going-out handbag: something small and portable, but cute and very autumn-ish. I think my prayers may have been answered in the form of this “pumpkin” leather bag!

Seriously, the second I saw “pumpkin” in the name, I was sold. Pumpkins = fall! This bucket bag is made of 100% genuine leather and suede, done up in an interesting zig zag pattern. The warm-toned camel color is great for Fall and isn’t so light that the purse will get filthy. The tassles are a super trendy detail and the crossbody bag makes this easy to tote around a bar.
The interior is fully-lined and closes with a drawstring. I actually find drawstrings to be quite a secure means of closure, so don’t worry about that. Overall, the purse measures 10′ L x 9′ H x 5.5′ D, giving you a surprising amount of room. I find that I can fit my full wallet, plus cell phone, gum, cosmetics, etc into a small bucket bag. The flexibility of the exterior makes it super easy to stuff everything in.

The fact that it’s real leather means that it’s going to durable and last you for a number of years. It already has a vintage look and feel to it, but it’s sturdy and new.
I can only imagine how cute this would be paired with a sheer blouse and a pair of 70’s-inspired flares – pure genius! If you like what you see, head over to Miss Selfridge and pick yourself up one for about $65!

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