Gillette's Men's Products Are A "Danger" to Women

To the 30% of women using razor’s designed for men’s skin, you’re making the rest of us look like idiots, according to a new study revealed by Venus.
Earlier today, Jezebel outlined just how the female shave company claims that women are putting their legs at risk every time they shave… with a razor whose packaging doesn’t explicitly state “Designed for WOMEN.” Cosmo magazine played double-agent detective on this one and declared that Venus isn’t playing on biases in sleek-shaving products.
Yeah, okay, sure.
Cosmo also says that the blades used in the Gillette Fusion are identical to the blades found in the Venus Embrace. Okay, so what? It’s the same blade but what’s the problem? Gillette asserts that women using razors designed for men will nick their skin too often. Yeah, and I play ball like a girl, right?
Remember when Dr. Pepper created the “made for men” line? Well, I’m crying foul play on this one, too. Sounds like Gillette is trying to fuel a campaign geared toward encouraging women to purchase the overpriced, rusty after five uses blade instead.
Sorry, but until you show me the effect of using the same razor marketed by two different gender-aimed companies, I’m not really buying the whole women vs. men sham. Next, men will be completely uninvited from using women’s body shop products. Supermarkets will be divided into aisles strictly for men and those strictly for women. Gender-mixing will be an unforgivable felony misdemeanor.
I think I’ll take my chances using the three dollar silver Gillette Fusion over the $9.64 Venus Embrace. In the meantime, though, I’m pretty hopeful that the Gillette industry will be hard at work on their amputee-rates-on-the-rise-crusade aimed at women who misuse razors designed for beard-shaving skin.
Maybe by then we’ll be a little bit more naïve.

Budget Stylista: Jade Green
Budget Stylista: Jade Green
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