One Month Challenge: No Meat, No Dairy, No Problem, Week One

Olivia Wilde. Carrie Underwood. Alicia Silverstone. Lea Michele. What do they all have in common? (Besides being really, really ridiculously good-looking?) They’re all vegans. That means they don’t eat any kind of food derived from an animal – meaning no meat, fish, eggs, or dairy. And lately, I feel like I’ve been hearing all about how absolutely stellar it makes them feel. I can’t help but think if it’s really possible for someone to feel so awesome and have a bangin’ bod by not eating any animal products. And so, even though I live for the perfect pepperoni slice, I vow to find out.

For the month of November, I challenge myself to not eat any food that comes from an animal – or foods containing animal derivatives – whatsoever. Yes, even on Thanksgiving, when I will be taunted by a big juicy turkey. And yes, even on my visit back to my undergraduate alma mater, University of Delaware, where drunk late-night cheese fries will be calling my name. I’m going to give it my best effort, and fill you all in on the highs and lows (and hopefully report that by the end I’m a spitting image of Olivia Wilde).

The main thing that interested me about this whole vegan idea was just as I said above – if celebs swear by it, why not test it out myself? But since then, I have actually tried to educate myself about what, exactly, are the health benefits of veggin’ out. Even though it’s going to take a lot more planning and preparing meals, many sources claims that if done right, a vegan diet can be healthier for you. First off, by not eating any meat vegans don’t consume any cholesterol, so they have much lower rates of heart disease. Also, vegans rely mostly on vegetables and grains, which are naturally lower in sodium and higher in fiber.

But this sort of diet can also be nutritionally tricky. Protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin B12 are all found mostly in animal products and meat, so part of my challenge is to maintain as balanced a diet as possible. (Fun fact – apparently Oreos are vegan… maybe I’ll survive this after all?)

Anyway, I feel surprisingly ready to face this challenge. We’ll see how I feel when the burger craving hits…

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