Glamour Says the Darndest Things: December Edition

I really don’t think Jennifer Lopez has aged at all in the last 15 years. It’s absolutely phenomenal. I’m pretty sure she could still show up to an award show in a dress like this and absolutely make everyone else comparatively speaking look like hideous trolls. She must exfoliate with diamonds and the blood of dolphins.
Alas, the rest of the magazine wasn’t nearly as festive as J.Lo or her boobs. It’s, of course, holiday themed, and I don’t know about you, but when I think of holidays I think of stress, excessive consumerism, disappointments, and drama. So yes, I’m a total Grinch. All of these articles making it sound like a perfect holiday season is actually attainable just made me cranky and cynical.
What also made me cranky? Glamour got a dude (a writer from The Daily Show) to respond to readers’ inquiries as to why men do what they do, and I think most of his answers are sugarcoated and avoid the root of the problem.
Glamour says: Men say they want space when they wish to return to a time when they had no responsibility for someone’s life or happiness but their own.
Jasmine says: Basically, it means “I don’t like you, and have no interest in pursuing a future with you.”
Glamour says: Men don’t like it when you show interest because it makes them feel like they’re obligated to you.
Jasmine says:  Men who are all over you when you’re busy but then disappear as soon as you’re available like to play games and derive enjoyment from knowing they have “power.” As soon as you assert yourself, they run away like the insecure losers that they are.
Glamour says: Your ex-boyfriends stay in contact with you because they want you to still have a favorable impression.
Jasmine says: In essence, they still want to keep you as a potential hookup option, but they don’t actually want to go through the work of respecting you, being there for you, or having any kind of obligation to you as a person.
Glamour says: Men pretend they don’t like you when their friends are around because they don’t want to appear whipped.
Jasmine says: Or because they’re assholes.

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