The Skinny on Election Day

Lets start this class with a yes or no: have YOU voted yet today?
If you haven’t already, get your lazy butts off your dorm room futons and go for your local representatives and officials! There is a multitude of important issues that will be decided today and every vote counts.
While our fingers and toes might be busy tallying up local votes, the real question burning on everyone’s mind this time of year is just who will take the cake in 2012?
Four years ago, when I was young, naïve and believed that the world wanted to do right be me and countless other college kids, I put my trusty vote in Barack Obama. Then I watched tons of the YouTube videos put together by his team (my personal fave is the “Yes We Can” video, featuring tons of celebrities) and even got teary-eyed as our national declared him President of the United States – if you’re shaking your head at me, whatever, I believe it was a big moment for our country.
Now that I’m almost four years all the wiser, I find myself singing a different tune when it comes to our country, our politics and our Leader in Chief. In the time since Obama was elected President I have graduated college, cried at the sight of my college loan debacle and I am unemployed.
For so many of us, there is a lot riding on this upcoming 2012 Presidential election. With our current economic mess, the bruise on the middle class and our healthcare fiasco, big changes need to be made.
There’s just one problem: I know little to nothing about the men and women on the Republican side of things who are gearing up their campaigns to run against current Prez Obama in 2012. It’s a little embarrassing, but I don’t really know who/what to believe this time around. I really believed Obama was going to come in overnight and the country would change in the blink of an eye! Okay, not really, but I believed he was going to be able to do something about it.
In the event that Obama is not the man for the job, here’s a look at the other players from the Republican Party who still believe they can change the course of our crisis:

After a decent deal of research there are two things I can comfortably conclude. None of the above conservative candidates are interested in protecting the rights of my gay and lesbian friends. Likewise, none of these folks are interested in protecting my personal right to choose when it comes to my body. It’s funny, isn’t it? We are taught in kindergarten that it is “your body, your rules” and yet none of these candidates have learned to be respectful of others personal space. Maybe we need a lesson in humanity more than political ideology.
Each of the overviews listed provide a brief summary of the biggest candidates in the media right now. Since this is not a complete list of each candidate as well as their policy plans once in office, here is a great website to visit that provides a compelling and detailed list of each nominee’s presidential plans.

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