Hey Perez! Stop Stealing Our Content!

[Editor note: Our wonderful writer Caitlin spotted this horrible crime this morning and was so upset she just had to post about it. Emails to Perez asking for proper credit have gone unanswered.]

On Monday, I posted this article about James Franco’s Facebook pictures. We were under the assumption that Mr. Franco updated the Facebook page, although someone pointed out that he doesn’t do social media anymore. Regardless of if that’s true or not, Perez Hilton took it upon himself to publish the same article with the same pictures from my gallery under the extremely similar title “James Franco’s Facebook Photos Released” at 8:15 this morning. He basically stated that this is some rare event and that it took an act of Congress to get said photos. Oh and there was no link┬áto CollegeCandy or our article.
I’m calling you out Perez. I don’t know whether to be mad or flattered because I guess I’ve made it if you’re ripping me off. And this isn’t even about me, it’s about CollegeCandy. Don’t steal our shiz. I wonder what else you’ve blatantly taken from our site that we didn’t catch. Or what you’re stealing from other sites. From now on, I highly suggest you start linking and stop taking credit for what everyone else is doing.

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This Post Grad Life: Expand Your Adventurous Side
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