Baggin' Out: Anthropologie Bold Strokes Satchel

In between mega data entry today, I found myself browsing the beautiful pages of Anthropologie’s website. It is truly the most gorgeous and visually-pleasing store I’ve ever been in. Anthropologie pays careful attention to details that really make a difference in one’s shopping experience. Not only that, they also carry a wonderful selection of clothing and accessories, including this week’s feature, the Bold Strokes Satchel!

This satchel is made of 100% leather and is a bargain at $198! Seriously, I couldn’t believe that this is the full price of this gorgeous bag. It measures 11.5′ L x 9.5′ H x 4.5′ D, so it’s a medium-sized bag and normal for a satchel. This means that there is enough space for your necessities (wallet, cell, makeup, etc), but you can also fit in some extras, like textbooks or a DSLR camera for street style shooting. The two carrying straps are attached with silver-toned rings and feature faux-buckle detail. There is also a cute little keyring that clips on one of the rings. These rings are awesome for attaching your own accessories, whether it’s a cute and functional change purse or faux-fur tail that’s very “in” this Fall.

The interior is fully lined and has two slip pockets and one zip pocket. The outside also features two slip pockets on either end of the bag, the perfect hiding place for your cell phone or a lipgloss. It all closes with a heavy-duty zipper. And as if it couldn’t get any better, the Bold Strokes Satchel also comes in yellow! I prefer the green, as I believe it can carry you through the winter, but you sunny types may jump for joy over the yellow shade.

If you’re looking for a bright, leather bag to punch up your purse collection, look no further than the Bold Strokes Satchel. Green is definitely the more year-round option, but yellow is fun too! Like I said, it comes in at under $200, which is a steal!
[Every girl needs a good purse (or 12). Whether you’re going for groceries or running from class to class, they are simply essential for holding all your, uh, essentials. Each week, I’m going to show you a fashionable, yet functional purse for the college crowd and let you know why you absolutely need it! I apologize ahead of time to your bank account.]

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