Dorm Room Workout: Stress Relief Through Yoga

Don’t you wish there was an exercise that would help you build strength and flexibility, all while relaxing and warming your body up from the inside out? Oh wait, there is – yoga.

Yoga is a great total body workout, and because of its focus on breath, it has the added bonus of helping you feel calm and centered. Plus, it happens to be a great exercise for small spaces. But I’m no yoga expert, and there’s a yoga instructor certification process for a reason, so I’ve compiled a list of some great yoga videos made by real instructors, to help you bring a little zen into your dorm room, and look great while doing it.

1. Chair Yoga

Yes, this is a yoga video for senior citizens. But just think – you have more in common with a senior citizen than you might realize! As college students, we spend a lot of time sitting, which can be really hard on our backs. This seated twist series will help you release some of your tension from sitting all day, and these moves will make for a great study break.

2. Simple Yoga Poses

This short video will take you through a basic series of yoga poses. Most of these moves are done sitting or kneeling, so you’ll have plenty of space to do them right in your room. This is a great video, especially if you don’t have much experience with yoga. Learning how to do basic poses correctly is important, so that you won’t hurt yourself and you’ll be able to move on to the more difficult stuff.

3. Vinyasa Flow

This clip will show you how to move through a basic Vinyasa yoga flow series. There are many different types of yoga, and in Vinyasa, you are almost constantly moving. Some styles of yoga involve holding poses for extended periods of time, but Vinyasa is faster paced. This series is great for building upper body strength, and warming your whole body up on cold winter mornings.

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