Single Girl Society: Don't Beat Yourself Up Over A One-Night Stand

Lesson #46 – Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over A One-Night Stand
There’s nothing sexy about waking up next to a guy you hardly know, wrapped in bed sheets from Target’s dorm line, with a pounding headache from last night’s alcohol and bad choices. If the walk of shame isn’t embarrassing enough, college girl code endorses instant roommate interrogation upon arrival of your place.
Whether it’s a guy you know, or a total stranger in True Religion jeans, the awkwardness of the morning after a one-night does not discriminate. Do yourself a favor and get out of there fast. However, while you attempt your hasty escape, make it a point to keep your cool, i.e.: don’t frantically tear through his room to find your keys (or underwear).
When you finally get yourself out of there, be responsible and consider any health precautions you may need to take. Hopefully you used protection, but if you have even a shred of doubt, hightail it to the pharmacy for an emergency contraceptive and call your doctor’s office to schedule an STD screening. A one-night stand can come back to haunt you in the form of an unplanned pregnancy or unwanted infection, if you aren’t proactive from the get-go, making it harder to get move on from. If you’re afraid of running into someone you know, pick a pharmacy or doctor far from campus, but also keep in mind — embarrassment is a small price to pay for your body’s well-being.
Because there’s no right way to date, one-night stands are highly subjective subject matter. Some girls feel that one-night stands are an expression of their sexual freedom or a really great way to spend a Friday night, while others feel that it devalues sexuality. However you feel about it, there are lessons to be learned from each one-night stand story.
If you’re feeling pangs of regret and shame, it’s important not to consume yourself with those feelings. People make mistakes, especially when it comes to sex and dating. One night will not completely tarnish the morals you’ve stuck to your whole life, and it is not reason enough to punish yourself. Take note from the girls who write one-night stands off as an experience, and chalk it up as a lesson learned and allow yourself to move on. In the time you spend punishing yourself for one bad choice, you’ll miss all of the amazing opportunities that come your way.
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