What to Do While He Watches

Tired of watching the game with your beau and his boys and worrying more about the nacho verde salsa spilling all over the couch than that insane fourth-quarter fumble?

Let me introduce you to the newest sport for women to participate in while the men watch the big screen.

A quirky, female-inspired show that has become a haven for women during sports season, While the Men Watch is a live sports talk just for women to enjoy while their men scream and sweat through the game.

Ladies, if you’re interested in suiting up this season and playing on the female side of things, you’ll need a pair of stilettos, your best skinny jeans and your boo’s oversized, stinks of wings and Bud Light, mint-condition game day jersey. Don’t have the right game day jersey? No problem, there’s no penalty for wearing a Jeter jersey during the PGA tour.

Since the show boasts such a huge following, with over 2,000 listeners at its launch last year during the Super Bowl, I thought I’d head over to the site and see just what all the hype is all about.

Here’s what I found:

The show is basically the polite version of the Dummies Guide to… and it’s aimed at women who either know nothing about sports or can’t stomach another third quarter drive. It defines everything from penalties to first downs to baulks and is co-hosted by Lena Sutherland and Jules Mancuso, two women with fanatical sports husbands.

When the women aren’t brushing up on sports knowledge, they’re focused and ready to tackle the real issues on every woman’s mind as the game clock ticks: How cute is that quarterback? What kind of ab workouts do the cheerleaders do to stay so fit? Oh, the bowl is getting low, should I make more pigs-in-a-blanket? More nachos, anyone?

The women might be limited in their sports knowledge, but they are not biased when it comes to which sports they discuss on the show. Every week the women feature new commentaries depending on which sport is in season — NBA, NFL, MLB, racing, tennis…you get the idea.

After skimming the articles, I’m definitely going to tune in to the livestream the next time it airs. I’m both a sports fan and a female (a double-whammy, I know!) and after reading some of the content on the site, I’m willing to bet the hosts won’t let me down. It’s a funny, sarcastic twist on what women think. Anybody else wondering if Mel Gibson will make a guest appearance?

Sure, the show is a little bit stigmatized as far as its creation goes because it plays on the idea that women are only concerned with cosmetic and materialistic images, but what woman isn’t curious about the man underneath that oversized helmet? Or the pitcher with that really great butt?

If you’re male or female and you’re curious to get inside the mind of a woman watching sports, you can listen to the talk show live on the site at WhileTheMenWatch.com.

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