My Online Dating Horror Story

At the ripe-old age of 20, I can honestly and truthfully and shamefully say that I have never had a boyfriend. I’ve never had a successful crush, either. So as a last resort, I decided to bite the bullet and make an online dating profile.
According to most of my peers and my girls, online dating should be reserved for the women who are on their last legs in terms of their love life. Since mine is non-existent, I dared to be different and logged onto a lesser-known website a friend recommended.
After swagging out my profile with a great “About Me” bio and a few pictures, I waited for my Mr. Right to send me a message. After a few days and a few emails from some creeps, a normal guy finally contacted me!
Brian (which is a totally fake name) rated me four out of five stars, which was a pretty big deal for me. I wasn’t really attracted to him physically, but I still decided to message him. It was a dating site and I wanted to get my feet wet. After a few brief messages, he gave me his phone number and invited me to text him. When I did, our conversation was as brief as our messages on the website. “Why am I wasting my time?” I thought to myself. I deleted his number promptly and pushed the disaster out of my mind. I was shocked when he called me the week after that.
Surprisingly, the dialogue flowed freely for almost an hour. He made me laugh and he was so interesting. How could someone who created an iPhone app not be? I was pleased when he asked me to meet up with him. After a few crossed wires, we finally agreed to meet for dessert. Except we didn’t agree on anything. He told me that he had some free time and asked me to meet him at Georgetown, his side of D.C. WTF? I was already pissed at the fact that he was taking charge (and not putting my schedule or preferences into consideration!), but since it was my first date, I didn’t do much objecting.
I gave my friends my mom’s number in case some stuff went down. Better safe than sorry. I took the 30-minute bus ride to his side of town, listening to Beyoncé on the way to calm my nerves. I ended up being four minutes late. I went upstairs to our designated meeting spot to find him missing. Once again, WTF?! Where was this guy? After a text message and a 10-minute wait, I decided to go home. I was NOT about to be the girl who got stood up by her online kinda-crush. As soon as I pulled out my Smartrip card, he texted me saying he was almost there. “Maybe that was a sign from the online universe,” I thought. I went back to the bookstore and waited some more.
He looked just like his picture—there were no surprises there. We stood at the same height. I didn’t see a revolting reaction to my appearance on his face – physically at least. We walked and talked, did the whole get-to-know-you bit. The date had the common awkward fare that I had heard about and watched on “Sex and the City” all of the time – the awkward silences, the fake laughs and the offhand jokes.
The night ended with a long walk along the watetrfront. I didn’t kiss him or hold his hand like he wanted me too, but I thought that I had played my part flawlessly! I was flirty without being to0 suggestive. I told him about myself without revealing too much. I thought that a second date was guaranteed…until he never called or texted me again.
I was really hurt at first…”how could I screw up online dating too?” I thought. I actually still don’t understand what happened and it’s been about a month. But like Loise from the “Sex and the City” movie (the first one, naturally), I’m not going to give up on love. The internet – and the real world – has plenty of men out there. There has to be one for me…I hope.

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