Build An All-In-One Theme Party Kit

As a college newbie, it’s easy to get overly excited by the big world of themed parties. Although theme parties are supposed to be fun, they can get very stressful (and expensive) when you “have nothing to wear.” Instead of blowing money fast on expensive Legs Avenue costumes, there are specific items of clothing that can be tailored to any theme.
For this school year, you will need: A tight black American Apparel dress, a pack of white Hanes tank tops, fake glasses, and camo cargo pants.
The Little Black Dress. Definitely a college must-have. Not only can you wear the dress to a themeless party, you can manipulate the dress into accompanying a variety of themes. For a cops and robbers theme, put horizontal lines of white tape around the dress to make jail stripes. If you’re dressing up for a biker theme, wear the dress with chunky black boots and a bandana around your forehead. And if you’re dressing up as a sexy cat (every girl will do this at least once in her life) buy a cheap pair of cat ears and voila! You’re a black cat.
White Tank Tops.  This will be the best $5 you’ll ever spend. If you’re going to a jungle themed party, strategically cut slits in the tank to 1) show off your cleavage and 2) make it look like you were attacked by a lion. If you’re going to a highlighter party wear one of these tanks; they’re so inexpensive you won’t care when they get covered in neon paint. Same goes for a foam party, but take into consideration that your shirt will become see-thru…so wear a bikini top underneath the tank.
Fake Glasses. Unless you plan on being Kid Cudi for Halloween, you’ll probably only wear these when you dress up as a sexy nerd or a sexy schoolgirl. And yes, there is a difference.
Camo Cargo Pants. We all have a pair of these stashed away in our closet, since we all bought them after seeing Cady Herron wear army pants and flip flops. Not only can you wear them for the notorious GI Joe’s and Army Ho’s theme party, you can repeat them for American Pride themed parties. And ever since Osama Bin Laden died, USA parties have been all the rage.

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