The Weekly Ten: My Christmas List

I am fully aware that Christmas isn’t for another 4,394,668 seconds, but since every other store in the world is getting ready I figured I should start to compile my wish list. You know, in case anyone wants to buy me something other than socks. Grandma, I’m looking at you!
Growing up I hated Christmas, mainly because my birthday is three days after it, but also because growing up with a sister your age meant twin gifts. Which, if anyone I ever know has twins I promise not to do. What are twin gifts you ask? Same gift but in a color suited to the person you’re giving it to. Not only were my sister an I (who are not twins) giving identical presents by relatives, we were also (as four siblings close in age) given quad. present by our parents. The only one to survive the identical gift curse was my little sister. Although she got enough red headed step child taunting from the rest of us to make up for it.
Now you may be thinking I am a spoiled brat and should be grateful for anything I get. Au contraire, mon ami. You see, I come from the school of thought: If you don’t have anything meaningful to give, don’t give anything at all. I hate that during this time of year it’s all about what greatest and latest gadgets we can get (which is sometimes meaningful) rather than what can I get that really means something to this person (*cough* like a blue tea pot filled with mementos *cough*).
Without further adieu here are my top things that Santa should really consider bringing me. After all, I’ve obviously made the nice list…

Win a Pair of Havaianas! [Giveaway]
Win a Pair of Havaianas! [Giveaway]
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