In Our Makeup Bag: Deborah Lippman Wicked Game Nailpolish

What It Is:
Deborah Lippmann Wicked Game Nailpolish

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Deborah Lippmann is the Hollywood queen of nails. She’s done the nails of every starlet you can think of and makes many of her custom-mixed colors available for adoring fans through her namesake line. I’m a nail polish junkie and was super excited to finally try out Wicked Game, a swirling lavender gray iridescent.
How To Use It:
Nailpolish application is kind of a personal thing. Everyone has their own method. I prefer to start by painting my non-dominant hand and moving onto my dominant, using vertical strokes and a thick coat. Deborah Lippmann polish comes with the usual brush applicator and applies very easily, so it’s fairly idiot-proof.

This is a fourth day photo, no base coat and no top coat. There is definitely some tip-wear and a few chips, but with no help, that nail polish clung on pretty darn well! This picture is also a great representation of the true colors of the polish: a gray-lavender base, with some green iridescence.
CC Rating: B

I like Deborah Lippmann nail polish. It applies beautifully, stays put extremely well and comes in a great range of shades. Wicked Game applied easily, with three coats needed for total opacity and went three full days with no chipping. That’s without a top or base coat, by the way. However, the $18 price tag is something I’m having trouble swallowing.
Sure, Lippmann’s polishes definitely perform better than Revlon or Wet ‘n Wild polishes. However, brands like Zoya and Cult Nails do polishes in the $8-10 range that perform just as well. That means you can get two polishes from these brands for the price of one Deborah Lippmann. Like I said, I like Lippmann’s polishes, but I feel like I can find dupes elsewhere. Wicked Game is a pretty unique color, so if it’s a particular shade you’re after, you should stick to high-end. But if you’re just looking for quality, you may be wasting a bit of money, which is especially important for college-age gals!
If you love the look of Wicked Game, you can get it from Deborah Lippmann’s website for $18.
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