Marcel The Shell With Shoes On Is Back!!

Everyone’s favorite little shell, Marcel, is back with a follow-up to his debut video. The original Marcel The Shell With Shoes On premiered last year and has gotten a very impressive 12.6 million views on YouTube. It’s not hard to understand why one shell can get so popular when you accept the fact that Marcel is basically the most precious thing on the internet. Have you heard his tiny voice? Are you familiar with all of his great qualities? Do you weep because his one regret in life is that he’ll never have a dog, so he ties lint (named Allen) to a piece of hair and pretends it’s a real dog? People, this is real drama!
Like I said, the first Marcel installment was ridiculously epic. If you’re dying to know what happens in the Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Two watch below! Gahhhh, fingers crossed Oprah made his dreams of owning a real dog come true…

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