Shouting Out: College Candy Facebook Wall Photos

Today we’d like to shout out to our amazing Facebook wall photos. Why, you ask? Umm…because have you seen them? We are literally bringing LOLz into the lives of thousands of our followers. If your newsfeed is clogged with engagement announcements (too real), sonogram photos (waaay to real), public break-ups and drunken proclamations of “OMG BEST NIGHT EVER GIRLSSSS,” then it’s time to integrate some CC sarcasm.
Seriously. Have you even thought about how many of your friends are going to be receiving pimped out new cars/engagement rings/signed Twilight posters/herpes this holiday season…and documenting every last detail? In preparation, you might as well just “Like” us now and ensure yourself at least one screen cap of Mean Girls and more than a few cute puppy pics over the next few weeks. Who wants to see Jill’s new convertible anyway? You’ve got CC wall photos to click through!

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