The Do's and Don'ts of Seeing Your High School Ex during Thanksgiving Break

Ever have that moment where you’re out shopping somewhere, looking like a hot mess, and you randomly glance over and from out of the blue you see your ex walking toward you? If you’re awkward like me, you look away, pretend not to see them and high tail it the hell out of there.
For many of us who are going back to our hometowns for Thanksgiving break, the possibility of seeing your ex boyfriend or girlfriend is very likely. This can be especially awkward if you broke it off just because you two were going to different schools. While this may not be the highlight of your break, you can follow some Do’s and Don’ts to make it as painless as possible.
Do be friendly. Take the weird, pretending to not notice each other but in reality staring each other down element out of the equation and just say hi first. Smile, ask how school’s going and how the family is, and you can end it there. This shows that you have moved on, are doing fine without him and still care about him as a friend (even If you don’t!).
Don’t talk about all the wild parties you go to at school and how many guys you have hooked up with since you got there. This just makes you look like you’re trying to make him jealous and gives off the impression that you are easy. You want your ex to respect you. Besides, the mystery of what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with at school will keep him interested…in a good way.
Do act normal and have fun! If he’s in your friend group, it will be hard to avoid him. You want to be able to see all your friends over break and be drama free (just because they’re your high school friends doesn’t mean you still need to have high school drama!).  Avoid any drama and even if he tries to pick a fight with you about the past, let it go. Bringing up old issues will only make both of you more confused and angry with each other. Keep it low key and at least be civil.
Don’t jump into the friends with benefits category right away. It might be tempting, but consider the consequences first. Did it take you a long time to get over him? Do either of you have jealousy issues? Can you manage a carefree hookup without bringing back old feelings? Because in a week your ex will be back at school, free to do whatever and whoever they want. If re-igniting the spark is going to make you jealous or paranoid, lay off. If you had a dramatic break up, save yourself the repeat and keep your distance.
While it is great to see your old friends and even the ex’s, remember that Thanksgiving is about family, being thankful and, most importantly in my book, the food! Don’t complicate it with relationship drama.

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CollegeCandy's Exclusive Interview with Iliza Shlesinger
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