He Said/She Said: Should You Hook Up With Your High School Crush Over Thanksgiving Break?

Midterms are over and it’s nearly that lovely time of year when we return to our hometowns and prepare to stuff ourselves silly with homemade pumpkin pie and green bean casserole. But between eating, spending time with the family, eating some more and hibernating in your old twin bed, you’ve got a predicament on your hands.
To see the old crush, or not to see the old crush? That is the question. Your holiday vacation is not long, so you only have so much time to drink peppermint schnapps and meet up with that guy in high school you always wanted but never had the balls to go after. You’ve done your homework, and based on photos the guy has grown up quite a bit. Sure, he may have gained a beer gut in college, but that fails to override the fact that he no longer has braces, a Disney channel shag haircut or wears Abercrombie & Fitch on the daily.
Let’s get into the reasoning — both logical and otherwise — behind hooking up with your old high school crush over the break.

  • You’ve got only good memories of him: Him standing in the lunch line with you discussing his Learners Permit. Or him mumbling the lyrics to M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes” (because, really, who actually knew all the words?) and shuffling awkwardly, but oh-so-adorably on the dance floor at your senior prom.
  • You’re better experienced in the bedroom now that you’ve had your college partying phase. And we’re thinking he probably is, too.
  • His teenage acne is gone, he grew a foot and he wears Tom’s instead of Air Jordan high tops.
  • That sexual fantasy of you two has never gone away. Not even during that year-long relationship with someone else.
  • Since it’s such a short time frame to meet up, excitement and passion will be at an all time high.
  • Hey, a hookup doesn’t entail a relationship…no strings attached, anyone?
  • If that hookup is on your bucket list, go ahead and cross it off!
  • If the hookup happens at his house, take advantage of his Thanksgiving leftovers. Never say no to a free slice of pie. Come on now.


  • If things go terribly wrong, when would you ever have to see him again? Oh, right, in two weeks for winter break.
  • The hookup takes place at his house and after a steamy sesh you walk downstairs to grab some water…and have to say hello to his dad. COOL.
  • He doesn’t quite…ahem..meet your expectations.
  • He’s got a girlfriend that he failed to mention.
  • You hook up with him and then fall for him.
  • You hook up with him, are over it and he falls for you.
  • He spills the beans to all of your mutual friends and you’re now the Class of ‘08 token slut.

By the looks of it, you’ve got some thinking to do! I’m all for being a bold female and taking what’s yours, though. If you want him, go for it. Let’s be real, a hookup is what it is. And how many guys say NO to hookups? Not many!
My high school crush is currently single, hotter than ever and we’ve actually become recent friends since I’ve been laying some groundwork for the break. I may just have to show him what he’s been missing!
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