Photos So Corny You Might Puke!

Okay, I’m all for showing off your loved one but I feel like all the time, err, sometimes people just take it too far. The end result is that your really cute kissing picture with the sunset behind you looks like something my 18-year-old sister would smack on the wall of her college dorm.  Then she and all her friends can dream of finding a love like that. Oh, boo.
I think it’s time to face it, America: we love corny! Since the season of love is drawing nearer and nearer (don’t blame me, John Mayer wrote a song about it) [Editor’s Note: Best JM song ever] it’s time we reflect on all the corny ways you’re going to throw your obsessive relationships in the faces of all your single besties.
Keep the puke bucket nearby…. this could get ugly.

Getting Into Bedsider
Getting Into Bedsider
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