This Post Grad Life: The Seductive Tidbits to Living Like French Women

I have this new philosophy. You can take it with a grain of salt…or just a dainty little tea cup filled to the brim with Earl Grey. Yep, my philosophy has to do with acting like the fabulous french women do. We all feel it. When we bounce out of college we all suddenly want to be crazy classy and successful in the dating world. For me to conquer those two goals, I need a diagram or a list. In a happy hour epiphany, a girlfriend and I were discussing dating, stressful job situations and fashion. Then…it came out:
“I want to live like french women do.”
Fine, I’ll admit it. I got the idea from a recent Cosmopolitan article, sue me. But also, please nod in approval for me finding the only semi-classy article in Cosmo. The article inspired my heart strings. French women live fabulously, non-apologetically, mysteriously, seductively….I couldn’t pull my eyes away from it and obvi I have to share it with you. So aside from never shaving our armpits and being ‘totally natural’ let us live like the french women do.
French women are all about revealing less about themselves. You don’t have to close up like a clam whenever you meet someone new or clean out your desk at work…but keep things minimal. Dispense of personal information slowly. Professionals will respect you and the men you are dating will remain inquisitive and tuned in to your life because they want to know more, more, more.
Holding back about exposing too much information in text messages, in conversation — it doesn’t swallow who you are inside. If you tend to talk a lot and send super dirty text messages to boys, I’m not about to tell you to stop. But what I find mesmerizing is how French women keep their personality more exciting by slowly revealing information, being slightly playful and a little risque.
Also, did you know French women spend an estimated 20 percent of their income on lingerie??┬áThis blows my mind. First of all, because I usually spend an estimated 25 dollars on lingerie in the Victoria’s Secret 5 for $25 underwear bin a year. Instead of saving sexy extras for special times, I vow to spend more on totally saucy lingerie. Set aside $20 a paycheck and buy a bomb diggity bra every once and a while. (Don’t use the word bomb diggity when describing it to your man, but whatever.) When we feel completely sexified under our clothing, how much sexier will we feel on the outside? Not to mention feeling insanely confident. Ugh, I’m in.
If you think this post sounds totally superficial, that’s fine. But I think it’s empowering. In a sense, women are punished for being too sexy (AKA slutty), but look — we’ve found a way to be tantalizing and seductive without the over-the-top fishnets. All we need to do is spritz on some musky perfume, wear more sexy lingerie (our little secret) and play with an air of French-like mystery that no man can ignore.
And, of course, combine your own personality into all of that. Which in my case, may mean wearing musky perfume and a hot pink lacy bra underwear set under a huge t-shirt and man sweatpants. On my couch. On a Wednesday afternoon.
I’m working on living like a seductive French woman, OK!

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