Turtleneck or Crew Neck: The Celebrity Circumcision Game

There has been a bit of discussion recently among our writers over whether or not our favorite celebrity dudes are circumcised or uncircumcised. Now, before you ignore the larger issue here and ask why the hell they’d talk about such a bizarre thing — just accept that they tend to let our minds wander and conversations drift from time to time.

Now, back to it. There are strong opinions when it comes to penis…uh…styles (can I say that? does it sound weird?). Imagine if you were one of those girls who was all like, “Gah! What is that? Pause while I WebMD this sitch” every time she came across an uncut dude. What would you do if your ultimate celeb crush came along, totally DTF, and he was sporting more than you bargained for? Would you tell him to move along? Or would you gamely explore foreign territory?
While we can’t coach you through the make-it or break-it moment, we can give you the dirt on who has an elephant trunk in their pants…and who doesn’t. Before we reveal the answers, though, see if you can guess what each of these men are working with…

Will Smith

Ryan Gosling

James Franco

John Mayer


Jon Hamm

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Macauley Culkin

Keanu Reeves


Anthony Weiner

Rob Lowe

Jonah Hill

Paul Walker

Zac Efron

Mario Lopez

Heath Ledger

Will Arnet

Ewan McGregor

Leonardo DiCaprio

Colin Farrell

Jason Segal

Charlie Sheen

Photos So Corny You Might Puke!
Photos So Corny You Might Puke!
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