Cutie Chuy's TwitPics EXPOSED!

The 2011 Sexiest Man of the Year was announced yesterday and we couldn’t be more disappointed.
We’re not sure yet, but we have reason to believe that most of the votes were generated by people that still live on Jenny’s block. That, and Max and Emme’s playdate friends.
What ever happened to intellectual and emotional sexiness? A man that can make us think but also feel? A man that can make us laugh? A man with integrity? A man who is not afraid to laugh at himself and be laughed at? Where are the votes for that on the Sexiest Man Alive list?
What about Chuy? Personal assistant (and longtime muse) to Chelsea Handler, Chuy has a lot of the qualities synonymous with sexy. [Okay we’re not exactly sure of that, either, but we’re willing to bet he does…somewhere…deep down.]
Now that everybody is preoccupied with surfing the web to find the sexiest picture of Bradley Cooper, we carpe diem’d our way over to Chelsea’s twitter to check out the real Chuy behind the scenes and highlighted seven adoring reasons why Chuy got jipped this year…with photo proof!

Dear Beyonce: Stop Stealing Other Artists' Work!
Dear Beyonce: Stop Stealing Other Artists' Work!
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