Hot or Hot Mess? Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte at the Museum of Contemporary Arts Gala

Kirsten Dunst wore this Rodate Spring 2012 dress to the Museum of Contemporary Arts Gala earlier this week. She is the first celebrity to wear the new-season empire gown, which featured a strapless bodice and aqua and lace tiers. She paired it with pretty makeup and 40s style hair, diamond jewellery and a Chanel clutch.
I am just really not feeling this dress. Maybe it’s because I’m curvy, but I just don’t feel shapeless dresses. It also seems to be a little bit too big for her and hangs kinda awkwardly. Without her hand on her hip, her whole shape kinda gets lost. I’m not a massive fan of the colour either- I know it’s a big thing to wear next season, but it just feels kinda inappropriate and weird to be wearing such a summery colour, and such a summery style, in the middle of November. There just seems to be something missing, whether that’s a more-dramatic eye, a bolder lip, dazzling shoes or stand-out accessories, but the look just seems to feel a little incomplete.
In the words of editor Alex, “She looks she’s wearing a 1950s shower curtain/pregnant lady mumu.” But what do you think, hot or hot mess?

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