I’m Nostalgic for Summer and Sand Castles [Photos]

It’s almost November and I’m already yearning for summer. Days spent at the beach, cool ocean water, barbeques, cold beers, margaritas and ice cream sundaes to finish it all off.

Ugh, I’m like Cindy Lou-Who singing “Where Are You Summer?” as I’m wrapping myself in blankets and practically throwing myself into the fireplace.

If there’s one thing to miss about summer (aside from awesome tans, hot sand between my toes, svelte beach bodies, grillin’ and chillin’ and sundresses) it’s the awesome art happening on the beach!

No, I’m talking about the little babies that sit there unamused while mom and dad move the sand around or the five-year-old that keeps flinging sand all over my Gucci blanket! I’m talking about the sand-handlers that dazzle and wow beach passersby with their amazing sand castle art.

Take a look! Then we can cry and count down the days to summer again.

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