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Quote Tattoos that will Make You Say WTF

I really like tattoos when they’re tastefully¬†done and they mean something to someone. The whole I-got-it-when-I-was-wasted-not-really-sure-why-or-what-it-means reason isn’t really a huge selling point for me. Or when I have to take out my glasses and readjust the lenses in order to be able to read the paragraph scribbled on your back.
I have two tattoos that I love. So, it’s not that I’m against¬†girls and boys with quotes inked on their skin, it just that the ones I’m going to show you are literally going to make you say WTF… aloud.
If your tattoo is going to take up the entire length of your abdomen, maybe you should just stick to keeping it in whatever Judy Blume book you first read it in. Or if you’re getting your zodiac sign tattooed on your wrist so you can remember it more readily, perhaps there’s a bigger issue going on here that you need to address.

Either way, take a look and see for yourself…

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