Single Girl Society: Life Ruiners and Life Savers

Regardless of your relationship status, there will be situations and the people that stir them up, who at any point in time, will have you questioning what’s really important in life. It just so happens, though, that probability of that sort of drama infiltrating your life spikes when you’re single. There are some people who take the dating game a little too seriously, who extract meanings from things everybody else thinks are harmless, and more often than not, those people are looking for someone to blame. Luckily, the Single Girl Society has you covered with a general rule of thumb on how to deal with people who don’t always have your best interest in heart, or for that matter, don’t even really have a heart.
Lesson #47: When it comes to people: If they’re toxic, cut them out, and if they’re people you wish you could be more like, hold them tight.
There really only are two kinds of people in our lives: life ruiners — those that make you wonder how you’ll get by; and life savers — those who you wouldn’t be able to get through the hardship without.
There’s always going to be a girl, who took Mean Girls a little too seriously, who wants to take you down, simply because she’s got a fetish for vendettas. Despite what women’s magazines and our mothers have been telling us, girl-on-girl hate is not always about jealousy. Sometimes the drama stems from the fact that the Blair Waldorfs of the world get high on scheming an ultimate take-down. Take it from me, there is no reasoning when it comes to these girls. Cut them out of your life, and never look back, because even if you do reconcile your differences, you never know when she’ll strike back out of boredom.
When it comes to guys, it’s important to remember that dating is a hit or miss situation. Some guys are going to try to pick you up only to see how far they can throw you, and you’ll spend the majority of your time together feeling like you’re never enough. Chances are that guy isn’t committing to you anytime soon, so why should you commit your time to him? Leave him behind sooner rather than later, because you’ll have the opportunity to devote the energy to someone else instead, yourself.
Good friends are not hard to come by, but they are easy to lose if you’re too busy getting caught up in the drama that doesn’t include them. Give those people (and yourself) the respect they deserve, and don’t ever let them forget how much they mean to you.
Got it? Feel empowered? Good. Now get the first 46 rules of the Single Girl Society

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