5 College Musicians You Need To Know About

I like weird music. It’s as simple as that. I can go from listening to Eminem to Pitbull, then back to Pink Floyd and maybe some Led Zeppelin thrown in there. I saw Hanson in concert. In 2008. And loved every second of it. But, I digress.
I’m always trying to find something new, something different. I even went through a stint where I thought I could write music. I wrote a song or two and fumbled to put them together on a borrowed Fender. Even my 10 years of piano playing struggling couldn’t help me then. I finally decided to put  my efforts into finding unknown, musically talented people (aka, NOT me). Here’s a little taste of who I’ve found. (Oh, and p.s., they’re all college age-d. Hello jealousy.) Whether you love awesome mixes of the newest stuff, or something off the beaten path, you’re going to enjoy at least some of the following artists:
1. Alec Milewski: I started listening to Alec’s music in high school. The kid used to be a sick drummer. Obviously the next natural step is acoustic guitar? Maybe not, but whatever happened over there, it phenomenal driving music. Check him out here! (P.S: My favorite is “When Sleep is Done”)
2. Owen Danoff: This kid comes from musical roots all around. Following in his father’s footsteps, he began writing music at the age of 16. I don’t know about you, but all I did when I was sixteen was eat, complain about boys and do dumb things with my friends. Check him out here!
3. Mike Squillante: He did Warped Tour. Before he graduated from college. That’s frickin awesome. For any of you who don’t know, it’s kinda a big deal… He produced, recorded AND engineered an entire album. That must have been in his spare time. From writing music. And playing music. And getting a degree. I’m starting to feel a little inadequate with my spare time activities (ie watching re-runs of Law and Order : SVU or finding creative ways to make popcorn…) Check him out here!
4. Robert Gillies:  Another one from musical parents, he was born in Scotland and came to the US to study music. He’s played in venues, literally, across the world. All before he’s graduated from college. Check him out here!
5. Julia Easterlin: Last but not least, this girl played at LOLLAPALOOZA. Also insanely legit. I mean, playing a festival that big and famous is an accomplishment for anyone, let alone someone our age.  Oh yeah, and she’s doing all these crazy things while taking classes and doing normal college kid things. Her music is interesting, happy and creative. Check her out here!
What do you think? Are they hidden gems? Who do you know who play a mean guitar or sing like nobody’s business? Tell me below!

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