Current Events Cheat Sheet: She's Too Young

A 10-year-old Mexican girl came into the news this week after giving birth to a 31-week-old baby. The main question on the public’s mind is: Was she raped?  So far, no one knows, but hospital workers immediately alerted the police, who are on the case. No matter what, though, the legal consent over there is 12, higher than her age, obviously. Still, the question remains: Who’s the baby daddy? The mother is in good health, but the baby (who was only 3.3 pounds at birth) remains in the intensive care unit. In the state where this happened, abortion is illegal, unless rape can be totally proven…but I mean, come on, with a 10-year-old there doesn’t seem to be much of a question.
On the two month anniversary of the first Occupy Wall Street gathering, New Yorkers gathered for an epic ‘Day of Action.’ After being evicted from their base-camp at Zuccotti Park by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, protesters decided that Thursday would be the perfect opportunity to show that they’re still going strong. About 75 people were arrested in New York, but the event may have led to some anti-Occupy backlash. A month ago, 36% of Americans didn’t support Occupy interests. Today, 45% oppose them. Not so good for the 99%. But this photo may help them out a bit.
We learned (not that we didn’t already know…) that you can never guess what’s going to happen in the GOP race for president. The underdog, former not-a-chance candidate Herman Cain is still in the lead, despite the sexual harassment accusations that have been coming out of the woodwork over the last few weeks. Another woman has come forward against him, but whether Cain is guilty or not, he has other things to worry about. Like the seriously embarrassing moment when a reporter asked him about Obama’s Libya policy and he had no idea what to say. If Cain continues to mess up, Newt Gingrich, who was also formerly at the bottom of the pack, may ride his increasing popularity all the way to the front. (P.S. Sometimes I forget we have months till the first primary…)
Pic o’ the Week:
Kika Press/Zuma Press
Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi finally resigned after months of bitter trials and media accusations, involving underage prostitution.

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