The Weekly Ten: Give Thanks

Growing up an obese little girl, Thanksgiving was always one of my favorite holidays. I would long for the days when I could sample all of the pies until my heart’s content, eat as much stuffing as I could stuff down and that, my friends, was only the beginning. I think we all know the best part — Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches…just try to keep your drool off the keyboard.
The food, the family, the parade, the mark of the beginning of Christmas…really what more could anyone ask for?
But with all of these amazing things around us (and the promise of half-price shoes the next day) we sometimes forget what Thanksgiving is all about. And I’m not talking about alien pilgrims and alien Indians signing a space treaty (thanks, South Park). It’s a time to take a minute to reflect on everything you are thankful for…

What are you thankful for?

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Join The “Small Business Saturday” Movement
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