Dear America: Let us Actually Celebrate the Holidays!

Alright, here’s the deal: Target, Macy’s Inc., Gap Inc., Kohl’s Corp., Toys “R” Us Inc. and Best Buy Co. are all opening on Thanksgiving to boost sales. Target employees will have to start their shift at 11 pm, meaning in order to survive the Black Friday madness they have to sleep in the afternoon. They have to sleep to prepare for work instead of spending time with their families on a holiday that is about giving thanks for the things you love. Target employee Anthony Hardwick has started a petition, which has already gained over 37,000 signatures in protest of the change in holiday hours.
I say good for you, Mr. Hardwick! What is going on with the holiday craziness? I remember when the holidays were actually celebrated in the month that they fell. I used to go into stores in October and only see Halloween decorations, but in recent years it seems corporations are trying to fast forward everything all the time. I don’t want to see Christmas decorations in October! I don’t want to see cornucopias and turkeys until November 1. And I most certainly don’t want people to be forced to give up one of the most family oriented holidays for the sake of Christmas sales!
Black Friday used to be a novel idea when the stores opened at normal hours. People would stand outside in line waiting for the doors to open, and it was crazy. But now, stores have surpassed crazy. It’s called Black Friday not Black Thursday, and there is absolutely no need for stores to open on Thursday night. I don’t care how much you think sales will go up. These stores are ruining holidays for their employees. Sure you can say that it’s their job, but it’s not fair to them in any capacity. People should not have to leave their families to work on holidays. How about you stop robbing families of their time together and open stores at normal hours?
If stores stop opening so early, then shoppers wouldn’t have a choice but to wait. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure people would still go shopping and would be relieved that they themselves don’t have to cut time with the family to go stand in line and risk getting trampled. Think about it. When a store isn’t open, what do you do? You wait until it’s open. Or you go somewhere else, but if every store holds off until normal store hours, no one would lose business.
I want the holidays back. I watched a Christmas movie last night on ABC Family, and Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet! Why?! Everyone needs to chill out, we only have so much time to live our lives so why are we rushing everything? We live in a fast-paced world, but we need to slow our roll. I’m afraid that next year Black Friday sales are going to start the day after Halloween, and Thanksgiving will become obsolete. This is getting ridiculous, and it needs to stop.

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