Sex in the News: Would You Have Sex in Public?

While lately I’ve been discussing serious topics on Sex in the News, this week I’m dedicating the column to what I’m sure is on the mind of most horny¬†university¬†students right now. Your bags are all packed, you’re heading home to for turkey day, and you’re thinking about one thing: How the heck am I going to hookup with someone at my parents’ house?
Well, other Americans have the answer. According to a study done by, 80 percent of people who have had sex in public have done the deed in a car. I’m banking on the idea university students home bound for the holidays are driving this percentage through the roof.
Just over half of people surveyed said they’d had sex in public before. Besides the car, outdoor locations such as the woods, the park, and the beach were also ranked high. Participants of the survey were allowed to pick multiple choices for their public hookup locals. They survey did not ask if participants had sex in public multiple times before, so public exhibitionists could be driving up these pretty unscientific results.
So, if you’re looking to get it on with your high school crush but can’t get the fam out of the house for an evening, you could take the ole’ family minivan out for a spin. Just take along a blanket and clean up after yourself. You don’t want to have one of those conversations with mom when you come home for Christmas.

Tuffy Luv Is Creeped Out
Tuffy Luv Is Creeped Out
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