3 Tips for Surviving Black Wednesday

In my hometown, there is a special unofficial holiday that celebrates Thanksgiving the day before Thanksgiving. This night is usually referred to as “Black Wedesday” — a play on words of the insane shopping day that is “Black Friday.” Clever, I know. This is a huge night to go out to the bars. You can find every college student home for winter break and every other resident in town with no work the next day out celebrating, and what better way to get a head start on celebrating Turkey Day than going out to the bars and getting completely wasted? That is the mindset I had going into my first Black Wednesday experience last year, and oh boy, was I wrong or what?

In my experience, this night can go one of two ways: 1) a fun and memorable night out with friends and family or 2) a drunken blur that ends with your head in a toilet.

Having dealt with the latter of those two options on my last night out on Black Wednesday, I would not want any other girl to go through the drunken hot mess of a night I did. It’s important to go out and have a good time, but it more important to a) make it home alive and b) not be so hungover you can’t stomach that second helping of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. So I have complied a few tips to help any girl survive Black Wednesday.

1. Stay at one bar the whole night

I know this doesn’t sound like fun, but trust me, this is a good tip. On Black Wednesday, the bars are so overcrowded that you can barely move. And with the overcrowded bars, comes long lines outside those bars. Try to get your group of friends to agree on one bar to stay at and park there the whole night. You will not regret this. I’m from the Midwest, so it’s basically below zero by the end of November, and it was last year on Black Wednesday. I spent more time waiting in lines in the rain, freezing my ass off and getting soaked, than I did inside the actual bars. Not fun.

2. Do not over do it

I have heard many people refer to this night as “Black(out) Wednesday” but this is not the way to having a successful night. Of course, I can’t be a hypocrite and say that I have never gone overboard with the booze, but I can say that this night in particular is not a good one to over do it. On this night, you will most likely run into every person you have ever known since birth. These people will include: your religious education teacher, your sophomore year lab partner, your ex-boyfriend, your ex-best friend, a copious amount of your parents’ friends, and every single person from your graduating class. This night is basically like a three hour long passing period or an early high school reunion. The last thing you want to be when running into all these people (especially the ex-boyfriend, yikes!) is a drunken mess with beer spilled down your dress and vomit in your hair. Obviously it’s more than okay to get a good buzz going, but make sure that you can carry on a coherent conversation and show everyone what an amazing young woman you have become.

3.  Save your money

On Black Wednesday, the bars in my town are well aware that this will be one of the busiest nights they have. So what better way to make more money than to raise their prices? And they do just that. And everyone is too drunk and merry to notice. That is until you open your empty wallet the next morning. I am not sure of the exact amount I spent during my last outing on Black Wednesday, but I do remember buying a round of Vegas Bombs for my entire senior year math class. Just take a lesson from me — don’t do that. Pregame (for a lot cheaper) before going out to the bars, and maybe just stick to nursing one or two drinks for the rest of the night.

I guess the unofficial fourth tip would be to just have fun! This night is a great opportunity to catch up with people who you may have lost touch with over the past couple of years. Many look at Black Wednesday as another excuse to get completely annihilated and make a fool of themselves, but go a different route this time. Enjoy the night so that you can also enjoy the next day! Turkey Day! Trust me, you don’t want your Nana to ask you at the Thanksgiving dinner table if you “hit the bottle hard last night.” Been there.

Do you guys have Black Wednesday in your hometowns? Does it have the same connotations as mine does?

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